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We accept artwork in most popular graphic design formats. Whenever possible, we perfer to receive artwork in its native design format.

This allows us to make minor changes, upon request, for the purpose of optimizing printed output. To ensure file accuracy, provide a hard copy of your design or a sample of a previously printed label.

All type should be converted to outlines, curves or paths. Please email artwork to artdept@bcslabel.com.

Mac or PC Files?
BCS Label uses PC format for itís artwork. Since Macintosh computers are used in the Graphic Arts industry, we do accept files in the Mac format. Because of their ability to move easily between Mac and PC platforms we suggest that whenever possible, PC files are submitted in the following applications' format: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Pagemaker or Corel Draw.

Whether you are preparing Macintosh or PC artwork files you will be using fonts available on your computer system. Fonts from, Adobe, Bitstream, AGFA etc. will vary slightly in final output. PC fonts, Macintosh fonts, Type-1 fonts and Truetype fonts can all look and react a little differently upon output to film. We strongly recommend that you include the actual fonts used when submitting files for printing. For Macintosh fonts it is necessary to include both the screen and printer fonts.

Color - How it looks
Printing Full Color images such as a photograph, requires separation into Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black components. Images submitted in formats such as RGB (red, green, blue) can change dramatically when converted. The color seen on your monitor, laser printer or other color proofing device can vary dramatically from the actual color in your digital file. When submitting files that require color accuracy we recommend you accept our proof as a representation of the true color of your file.

We produce many different types of color and black & white proofs, when submitting files that require color accuracy, we recommend you accept our Proof as a representation of the true color in your file. The colors that you see on your monitor or laser proof can be very deceiving. We will provide you with proofs in an e-mailed PDF file.